Glass Glaze





Dala Glass Glaze is a waterborne polyurethane, transparent colour, with a low viscosity. This low viscosity (or flow) makes it ideal for working on flat surfaces like glass or acetate (overhead projector sheets). The Glaze reproduces the surface of the substrate perfectly, giving you a glass-like finish with no brush marks. Dala Glass Glaze can be combined with any water-based product. It produces a beautiful, high gloss durable finish, which makes it particularly popular with paper mache artists. It also used as a decorative ceramic colour. Dala Glass Glaze is available in 20 bright colours.
Note – Never shake Glass Glaze as this will cause air bubbles which are then difficult to remove, stir with a kebab stick.

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Aqua, Black, Blue, Brown, Claret, Clear, Crimson, Emerald, Gold Yellow, Green, Magenta, Navy, Olive, Orange, Pearl White, Red, Scarlet, Turquoise, Violet, White, Yellow