Podge is a core of the Dala decoupage system. It is this high viscosity glaze that ultimately determines the quality of the decopeurs work. Podging involves the process of applying and sanding multiple layers into a smooth satin finish.
How to use: Apply multiple layers, allow each layer to dry, sand with a fine sandpaper and water between each set of 10 layers.
Podge can also be regarded as a glue sealer in one. Podge can be used to bond serviettes to wood, tiles, tin, brick, stone, wax candles, soap etc. You do not need to sand the layers back. Follow these steps
• Cut out a design from your choice of serviette.
• Separate the two white layers of the serviette from the top design. You only need the top layer of the serviette with the design, but make sur to remove the two white layers.
• Paint a smooth layer of Podge onto the surface. Not too thick but it needs to be wet to touch
• Place the serviette cut-out face up on the wet Podge
• Apply another layer of Podge on top of the serviette working from the centre out removing any bumps and air pockets with brush strokes. Always go one way with your brush strokes as going back and forth will lift your serviette. Make sure to cover the edges. It may appear slightly “antiqued” or have creases this is normal.
• Paint a second layer if you wish. For a more textured effect wait for your first layer to dry and with the second layer apply it with your fingers leaving raised areas, when this is dry it will have a textured look.

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1 LITRE, 250ml