Stencil Glue





Dala Stencil Glue is an acid free, pressure sensitive adhesive. It is ideal for anchoring stencils and/or fabric while painting. Stencil Glue is suitable for use on plastic, metal, wood but not suitable for paper stencils.
Apply Dala Stencil Glue directly from the applicator bottle onto the back of the stencil or wooden fabric painting board and allow to dry thoroughly before use, it goes on milky and dries clear. Once dried you can remove and reposition object on the host without having to reapply the stencil glue.
For stencilling, position the stencil and apply gentle pressure to fix in position. Complete the stencil decoration and carefully remove stencil before the paint dries. This process can be repeated until the decoration is completed.
It is used together with the Dala Glass Glaze product to create removable window decals.
Useful information when working with Stencil Glue
Stencil Glue is a water soluble and can therefore be diluted with water. One the glue has dried it is completely insoluble and can not be removed from its host
If the glue becomes dirty it will loose4 its adhesion and will have to be reapplied.
Ensure surface has no flaking paint, the glue will remove the paint.
You can apply the glue with a paint brush or sponge brush or roller but wash these tools immediately in water before the product is dry.

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125ML, 30ML