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Dala Waterproof Medium will provide your fabric with a professional permanent water resistance. Paint the product onto the fabric and allow it to dry. Heat set at 150 degrees for three minutes
This medium will not leave your product with a shiny stiff finish, rather with a comfortable soft handle. It is ideal for placements, tablecloths etc and can be used on all fibres.
Waterproof Medium has also been used to bond serviettes to fabric hence the name Fabricoupage. It is an easy process and you will be extremely happy with the professional finish achieved.
Fabricoupage using beautiful paper serviettes are ideal to bond to fabric using Dala Waterproof Medium. This technique is simple.
• Cut out your design from the serviettes or use the whole serviette or a quarter of the serviette. It can be cut with a pair of scissors or torn gently to form a rough uneven edge. It is easier to work with small pieces.
• Mark the area on the fabric where you wish to place the serviettes with a pencil dots paint the area with a thin layer of Waterproof Medium.
• Separate the two white plies of the serviettes from the top design. You will only need the top ply with the design, but make sure to remove both two white plies.
• Place the top ply with the design face up directly onto the wet Waterproof Medium. Work carefully as the tissue is fragile. Once on the fabric avoid removing as it may tear.
• Apply another layer of medium on top of the serviettes working from the centre out remove any bumps making sure your brush is wet with waterproof medium as a dry brush may cause tearing. You may dip your finger in the waterproof medium and gently rub to flatten if required. Make sure to cover the edges. You will have slight creases and it may look antiqued but this is normal once it is dry and heat set it won’t be noticeable.
• Leave to dry. Once dry iron on a medium setting on the reverse side. The medium fuses the serviettes into the fabric and as it is sandwiched between two layers of Waterproof Medium it is suitable for washing.

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1 LITRE, 250ml